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Recycling 101…or maybe Återvinning 202

Today’s post is a bit of nonsense related to my journey with Recycling (English), Recyclage (Flemish from Belgium) or återvinning (Swedish).
It was years ago, when we prepared to go home to the US for a year long home assignment, that a Belgian friend told me to “go home and teach those Americans how to recycle”.Wow, I thought to myself.That’s a task.Teach those Americans.How many to teach?Which ones might need to know something about recycling?
Then we landed in Chicago, and funny enough, one of our dear friends from our Serve Globally support staff has a son-in-law whose family ran the recycling center for the south suburbs of Chicago.One quick phone call and we were on a tour of the center, complete with safety vests on and hard hats to protect our precious heads in case some wild piece of scrap came flying out of the machine.All in all, we were pretty impressed with how things are recycled in Chicago, in spite of all the bad press recycling gets in the city. You know, the old “put e…

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