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Turning on our cultural side…and other random observations

Recently we received a writing assignment in our Swedish class:“tell about a cultural experience that you have had recently”.We then received an invitation from our class to visit the Modern Art Museum in Malmö (for free ~ bonus!), and we grinned at each other and thought “this is great, we’ll have a fresh in our memory kind of cultural experience that we can share in class”.
Off we went to the Museum.Modern art has never been my thing, and there was a lot about this  museum that I didn’t particularly appreciate.It was mostly related to some of the secular ideas represented in the special exhibits and the emptiness portrayed on the faces of the young Swedes in the videos.There was a video entitled “hemland” (homeland) that featured the journey of refugees across Europe from 2015 that I found particularly interesting.There was some interesting art that we both appreciated from Poland during the WWII era that captured our eyes as well.We walked away with lots of material to present in cl…

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