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We bought a BBQ grill as we set up our house.It’s not a big grill, by any standard.Actually, we were amazed as we shopped around to find so many varieties and so many sizes.Gas grill.Charcoal grill.Disposable grill.Gas grill for 2-4 people.Gas grill for 100 people (okay, not quite 100, but there were some major grills out there!)We were pretty happy with our small size grill, and were all set up and ready to grill and have many people over to our home this summer.We even knew where the closest halal butcher shop is so that we can invite our friends over, even at the last minute.
And then the forest fires broke out across Sweden. At one point, there were 80+ forest fires raging across Sweden.None of them close to us in Malmö, where there really isn’t much forest.But because it was so dry (we went for 3 months with no rainfall), and the risk was so high for fire, there was a ban on grilling.It started as no grilling in public places.And absolutely no use of disposable grills.Then it went …

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