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Manny does Lucia

So, let’s set the stage for you.... It’s the 3 rd Sunday of Advent. A quiet 3rd Sunday of advent moment later at home...     Advent is a big deal here in Sweden. It’s also going to be a familjgudstjänst in our local church ~ a family oriented worship service…which always means lots of fun kids’ songs, a shorter sermon, and a special visit by a certain….   Before we let the cat out of the bag (if you choose a cat, though you might want to think of a larger….grey….animal…with a snabbel….)   Click here if you’d like to view the worship service ~ spoiler alert:   it’s in Swedish.   But fun translates easily into any language. The stage is set ~ literally ~ as we wait for worship to start!   We opted to change the sermon option this particular Sunday.   We figured it was the 3 rd Sunday of Advent, and people who usually don’t come to church during the year might be coming on this particular Sunday looking for a more formal Advent service, complete with Advent sermon.   No

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