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This is what vacations are made of

Long walks. Good coffee. Cross stitching. Reading. Naps. And meeting family members in remote villages in the central part of Sweden that, prior to 3 years ago, never even existed on the map for me/us.   It was the vacation that one dreams of ~ a bit of gathering with friends, a bit of preaching (okay, maybe that’s not on your list of vacation dreams but it worked well for us), a bit of driving, some ice cream.  We started out via Göteborg, preached in the Sävedalan church there where our good friend Derek is associate pastor. The senior pastor there invited us to stay in her family’s guest space out on the island of Donsö, where no cars are allowed. Taking a ferry out to the island and then being picked up in a golf cart was a super fun first vacation 2021 memory.  Smörgen:a favorite vacation place for our hosts, a new discovery for us! Hanging out with our friends and their "little dog that could" ~ he had a killer dog bark that often took us by surprise! It was easy

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