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Welcome to Chicago!

So..... it was with great excitement that we drove up to Chicago, after having been on the road again for 2+ weeks in some of the hottest weather that either one of us has ever experienced. Fresno in August ~ don't think we need to repeat that experience any time soon! But we sure had fun.    Anyway, back to Chicago. We were excited that we scored a great parking spot, just two buildings down from where our apartment is on N. Christiana Ave. Getting out of the car....well, let it be said that the next moment changed everything in that "welcome to Chicago" excitement that we were enjoying. Steve's keys slid right out of his hands...into the city of Chicago drainage hole. Steve watched the keys "plop" into the water about 8 feet under the sewer drainage grate. UGGGGGGHHHHH!!!    Started chatting with friendly neighbor #1 who was walking his dogs, who suggested that we call 311 (the non-emergency number for the city), which we tried and after 25 minutes of wait

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